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Goshen Real Estate Attorney

The sale or purchase of a home will likely be the largest transaction you encounter in your your lifetime — involving many complex documents, from contracts to deeds to mortgages to closing statements. Experienced Goshen real estate attorney Loraine P. Troyer will guide you through the process to ensure that this valuable asset is legally protected and financially stable.

Real estate attorney Loraine P. Troyer brings over 29 years of experience to individuals in Goshen Indiana who need competent and professional legal counsel to review various real estate contracts and documents. After decades of helping individuals in Indiana to navigate these complex legal and financial documents, Loraine P. Troyer knows firsthand that every real estate transaction is unique — and how vital it is to gather all the necessary information to fully protect your interests.

Goshen IN real estate lawyer Loraine P. Troyer can assist you in handling all matters related to the sale or purchase of residential real estate — from the negotiation of terms to the closing. Once you have agreed upon the details of your transaction, she will review and prepare all documents — including buy/sell agreements, deeds, mortgages, notes and other financial instruments.

Loraine P. Troyer can also work with you to complete any documents required by your lender and will review the closing statement in advance — to ensure that all of your interests are protected. If needed, she will also attend the closing to address any contingencies that may arise.

If you need help reviewing real estate contracts or deeds, or want legal assistance with a real estate transaction in Indiana, Loraine P. Troyer wants to help you protect your interests. For more information or to schedule a free consultation, contact Loraine P. Troyer today or call her office directly at 574.534.2347.