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Goshen Estate Management Attorney

It can be a very stressful and difficult time when you have just lost a loved one. Regardless of whether your loved one had a will or not — it is important to speak with one of the professional estate management attorneys in Indiana to know your rights. In addition, if your family member owned personal property, bank accounts or real estate, an experienced Goshen estate management attorney, such as Loraine P. Troyer, should review the situation to determine if the estate needs to be opened to distribute the assets.

In some cases, transferring assets can be a simple process. However, in many situations, court action will be needed and a waiting period elapsed before items can be transferred. How the assets are titled and whether there is a beneficiary on the asset is important in determining what will need to be done.

It is important to know that no one else is liable for the debts of the person who died, even their spouse. Only certain assets of the decedents estate are liable for debts.

Goshen estate management attorney Loraine P. Troyer can review the assets and help you with any documents that may be needed in order to transfer the assets.

If you are dealing with an issue with your estate or the estate of a loved one, and you need assistance with estate management, Loraine P. Troyer wants to help you get the answers you need. For more information or to schedule a free consultation, contact Loraine P. Troyer today or call her office directly at 574.534.2347.